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On a rare Saturday evening at home with the TV on, I was delighted to find out that my favorite show as a child is still on these days. Wild Kingdom has actually been on since about 2002 this time, so this won’t be news to many of you.

Wild Kingdom has spectacular animal and wilderness photography, and is easily digestable.

I wondered if it was a repeat of what I saw as a child, or a new show. Without checking the internet, there is no way to tell. Nature is that timeless. Salmon have been spawning that way for millennia, and the aurora borealis is really nothing new (they were observed by ancient Chinese and ancient Greek people but are likely older).

The show turned out to be a 2013 special on Britain. Long dark nights are hard on little birds. But nature survives, and little birds flock to Heathrow with its 24 hours of light. Even solitary birds flock together in the light.

Wild Kingdom presents the wonder of nature very well. The show presents nature as it is in keeping with modern cities, and as it has been in the natural world for thousands of years or much longer. It uses a blend of close up, distant and mid-way views by expert videographers.

It presents the beauty and the harshness of nature without dwelling on either. When the Autumn storms threaten to carry off a seal from the seashore, the show is careful to picture a follow up scene of two happy seals alive and together when the storm is over.

Saturday evening is also one time that Hope for Wildlife is on, featuring the now famous wildlife rescue service in Seaforth, Nova Scotia. A recent show displayed that they are almost over run on their annual Open House, now that the show has been on TV for so long. Supporters flock from far away as well as down the road to attend.

So here’s a salute to Saturday evening TV!

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