Black Out and What You Can Do

Hundreds of organizations, politicians, and high profile people darkened their websites yesterday to protest the federal government’s Bill C-38 which limits federal environmental efforts without input from the people the changes will impact the most.  In Vancouver, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and St. John’s, environmental leaders and high-profile supporters gathered and spoke publicly about what is at stake in Bill C-38.

Bill C-38 Wilderness CommitteeOne third of Bill C-38 is dedicated to vastly weakening our environmental protections, reports Wilderness Committee’s Joe Foy. 

Bill C-38 also attempts to silence charities and other Canadian voices who speak out for our environment and other important issues.  Relations between Harper’s government and environmentalists are at a new low.  Earlier this year, the Toronto Star reports, Conservatives even labeled some environmental groups a “terrorist threat” for opposing the Northern Gateway pipeline.

Wilderness Committee is joining with colleagues across the country to stand up for democracy and strong environmental laws.  If you want to help fight Bill C-38 and join those campaigning to preserve environmental laws, there are several things you can do.  Sign the petition.  Speak Out on Twitter, Facebook, and through your networks.  And email or call your MP.

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