Happy World Wetlands Day!

February 2nd, as well as being Groundhog Day, is World Wetlands Day. It’s an important day in Canada partly because there are more wetlands in Canada than in any other country in the world. Canada is home to about one quarter of the world’s such lands, covering 14% of our country.

wetlands2The lands are important because they provide some essential services, including ecological services such as flood control and water filtration, to food production for wild rice and cranberries. The lands also create recreational opportunities such as fishing, wildlife viewing and canoeing.

In honor of World Wetlands Day, the Nature Conservancy recently posted on their website 5 fun and easy ways to celebrate.

1. Thank wetlands as you drink a glass of water – the lands play a key role in removing sediments, excess nutrients and even bacteria from our drinking water.

2. Visit a wetland and look for tracks left by the small mammals that make the lands their home.

3. Create your own field guide by researching what animals live in the wetlands near your home. Make a list of the plants and animals, along with pictures, and you’ll have a checklist to use on your visit.

4. Ensure that you dispose of hazardous wastes and chemicals properly, following guidelines set by your municipal government, to reduce the amount of toxins entering our water system.

5. Help the Nature Conservancy of Canada in protecting our wetlands. You can either make a donation or volunteer. Or sponsor them in cause related marketing for your business. Enjoy their television show A Force For Nature, their email newsletter, The Leaflet, and their member newsletter, The Ark

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