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World Land Trust E-Cards

The World Land Trust has free e-cards on its website that don’t even require registration to use. You can send them to up to 25 people for free.

bushbaby one of the animal e-cardsThe animal e-cards come in 3 categories – Wildlife, Romantic, and Christmas.

The 23 Wildlife e-cards include 3 new ones. They show pictures of animals ranging from a feeding humpback whale to a Bush Baby to a Polar Bear.

The Romantic e-cards, which can be used either on Valentine’s Day or any day that you’re feeling romantic, feature animals as well. The Swan with Cignets (baby swans) is one of the particularly beautiful animal e-cards.

The Christmas e-cards (is it too early to mention these?!) feature some Christmas themes but also have some with more generic winter themes.

To use the e-cards is easy. All you do is:

1. Choose a free Wildlife eCard (click on an image to select the card and view it full size)
2. Personalise the card and compose your message
3. Address your card (names and email addresses will only be used for sending and receiving cards)
4. Preview and send (now or at a future date)


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