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Species at Risk Task Force Report

Conservation groups are campaigning to get the BC government to introduce a law to protect 1,900 at-risk species. BC and Alberta are the only provinces in Canada with no endangered species legislation.

EcojusticeSierra Club BC and the Wilderness Committee recently stated  that the BC government’s Species at Risk Task Force report makes weak recommendations that fall far short of the legal protection needed by BC’s 1,900 at risk species.

The 34 page report points to climate change, degraded ecosystems, limitations to current conservation approaches and difficulties in protecting species on private land as the main threats to BC wildlife. But the report falls short by not calling for a stand-alone endangered species law.

“It’s too little, too late for endangered species” said George Heyman, Executive Director of Sierra Club BC.

grizzly bear one of BC's species at riskBC has over 1,900 species at risk, including grizzly bears, spotted owls, phantom orchids, Vancouver Island marmots and killer whales. BC is home to 75 per cent of Canada’s bird species, 70 per cent of its freshwater fish species and 66 per cent of its butterfly species. Currently, 87 per cent of species at risk in BC don’t receive any protection under either provincial of federal laws.

“Endangered species in BC need real action – and they need it now,” suggested Gwen Barlee, policy director with the Wilderness Committee.

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