Lack of Perfume Info Stinks

The current David Suzuki Foundation campaign to find out what chemicals are in our everyday perfumed products is important. As someone who reacts to the chemicals in blue eye makeup, I can understand the need for people to know what they’re putting on their faces or using with their hair or body.

I agree with the David Suzuki Foundation that Canadians shouldn’t need a doctor’s note to find out what ingredients are inside their personal care products. The fact that most companies demanded such a note, when asked by 63 Canadians recently to declare what chemicals they use to make their shampoos, creams, cosmetics, and other products smell “nice”, is at least poor customer service.

perfume“Not a single company [of the 42 contacted] provided us with a complete list of the chemicals they use to fragrance their products,” says Lisa Gue, health policy analyst at the David Suzuki Foundation.

The Foundation does know that some 3,000 chemicals are used as fragrance ingredients in cosmetics, including substances associated with health and environmental hazards. The fact that companies are unwilling to disclose their product’s ingredients suggests that the labeling provisions of Canada’s Cosmetics Regulation should be changed to make manufacturers disclose complete lists of fragrance ingredients and identify sensitizers.

Go, David Suzuki Foundation, Go!

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