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Hidden Chainsaw Barbies

Barbie and packageIf you’re going to be in the UK in the next month or so, there’s an unusual activity that you can do. Greenpeace has had a campaign urging Mattel to stop using rainforest trees in Barbie’s packaging. So now Greenpeace has hidden hundreds of the delinquent dolls around the UK and you can help track them down.

There’s a map online that shows where the Chainsaw Barbies are hidden. If you click on a Barbie photo, you get clues as to her whereabouts. You can click ‘More clues’ for the complete set which you can print off to take with you, just like a real treasure hunt.

Once you’ve found your Chainsaw Barbie, follow the instructions on her label to join Greenpeace’s Barbie Investigation Bureau. You’ll receive further special assignments which will help bring Barbie’s rainforest devastation to an end.

If you live or are going to be in an area without Chainsaw Barbies, you can make your own. And keep checking Greenpeace’s website, since they promise to add new Chainsaw Barbies frequently.

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