UK Butterflies Arriving Early

Due to unusually warm April weather, many butterflies across the UK are showing up earlier this Spring than usual, according to Butterfly Conservation.

Butterflies have been spotted from a week to a month earlier than usual, and one rare butterfly (the Lulworth Skipper) showed up seven weeks before it is usually seen.

As well as now, the fact that many of the butterflies already seen will be having second broods means there could be a profusion of them in July and August.

Butterfly butterfliesThere are 58 species of butterfly in the UK and over 2,500 types of moth but their survival is being threatened. Four British butterflies and 60 moth species became extinct last century. Almost half of UK butterfly species are now threatened and 70 per cent of common moths are declining.

Scientists need information to save the remaining butterfly species. Next month Butterfly Conservation will be trying to get as many people as possible to participate in the nationwide Big Butterfly Count. This will help scientists determine exactly what is happening to the UK butterfly populations. So if you’re in the UK, please plan to participate in the Big Butterfly Count through Butterfly Conservation.

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