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Hello Online introduces children who are typical of the children helped by humanitarian organizations. Hosted by the Mennonite Central Committee (MCC),  Hello Online lets you virtually learn the story of 14 children.

children playing hockeyIncluded among the children are Jonathan who lives in Manitoba and plays hockey. His online colleagues include Chrismone who lives in Haiti and is learning about trees at school. Wanda from Iraq is also profiled, and she likes to play hide and seek with her siblings. As well, 11 other children are introduced.

Each profile features the children’s story, as well as information on the country they live in.

Embedded in Wanda’s profile is mention of eight blankets. Called Blankets of Peace, they started in a correctional facility in Kitchener Ontario, and then were distributed by MCC to families in northern Iraq. Altogether, MCC has collected 5,400 blankets, 900 relief kits and 9,200 school kits and distributed them in northern Iraq since December 2007.

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