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Hardwood Forest Foundation

The Hardwood Forest Foundation is involved in educational programs and activities in both Canada and the United States. Through 20,000 videos and over 300,000 books they reach teachers and students and tell them about sustainability and smart forest management.

The Foundation’s website has an educational game about how wood touches our daily lives. It’s a simple educational tool but is creative enough to make it to our Friday File.

The game lets us know that over 5,000 products involve wood or paper. The game shows a room in a comfortable house, and you can mouse over it and click and get further information.

tree planting 3From furniture to toys to hardwood floors, most of our homes have wood products in them. That’s a lot of wood! So the game also lets us know that over 1.7 billion trees are planted in the United States each year. That’s more than 5 trees for every person in the U.S. That brings it well along the path of sustainability.

The Foundation also has a short video called Spotlight on the Forest that gives further information from people such as Dr. Patrick Moore, Former President of Greenpeace Canada.

Wood and paper are important products to our everyday lives. If only it all came from managed forests. Old growth forests should be left untouched by humans, I still think.

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