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Some zoos have webcams of their animals so people can visit the zoo virtually. Washington DC’s National Zoo may have the largest collection of webcams, since their website features 19 webcams. With that many, it’s likely that at least a few will actually have their animals in view when you look at them.

panda 2When I looked this morning, I enjoyed a great view of the Giant Panda eating something. The Naked Mole Rat was running around its enclosure. Three lions were in sight, with two walking around and one lying there washing itself (which was a highlight of my webcam visit). I tuned in just in time to see a Clouded Leopard climb through the doorway into the outer enclosure, out of sight of the internal room’s webcam. The two most reliable webcams for seeing the animals are Amazon Rivercam with its fish, and Microscopecam with dozens of tiny organisms (one or multi celled creatures) swimming around.

The Edinburgh Zoo has two webcams. The Penguins one is the more reliable one since it shows several dozen penguins nesting. It was feeding time when I tuned in, and it was fun watching the keeper feed the lineup of penguins what looked like small fish. The chimpanzee in the Budongo Trail Cam was just walking out of sight when I looked at that webcam.

Such are the results of my morning webcam viewing. But I must say that the animals I did see in the webcams made my time worthwhile. Webcams are like a virtual visit to a zoo, and it’s great seeing the animals. So check them out, find others online, and good luck in seeing lots of animals. Enjoy!

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