Top 10 Ways to Help Birds

The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) has a good list of the top 10 ways we can all help protect birds this Spring.

Some of the bird friendly tactics are to help support ABC, such as joining them or watching their Action Centre for campaigns you can help with. One example is HR 1643, a proposed bill that provides for bird-friendly federal buildings.

Woman looking through binoculars for birdsOur buying habits are important, and we can vote for a pesticides free world by buying organic food and drinking shade-grown coffee. Look for Energy Star appliances to stock your kitchen, and use low energy bulbs that minimize the drain on the electrical circuits. Donate old bird watching equipment such as binoculars to local bird watching groups that can deliver them to schools or biologists in other countries who may not have the money to buy the equipment themselves.

In your backyard, keep your bird feeders and baths clean so they don’t harbor diseases or breed mosquitoes. Plant native grasses, flowers and shrubs to help attract birds. It’s a somewhat obvious tip, but don’t use pesticides in your garden or yard. Prevent birds hitting your windows by using a variety of treatments to the glass on your home. ABC reports that collisions with glass cause almost one billion bird deaths each year, a horrible amount of bird mortality.

ABC’s Number One Tip? Make your yard a cat free zone by keeping your cat indoors. Your cat will benefit from this – indoor cats live approximately three to seven times longer than do outdoor cats. Cats cause hundreds of millions of bird deaths each year, and some bird species have even gone extinct because of cats. ABC reports that even well-fed cats kill birds, and bells on cats don’t effectively warn birds of cat strikes.

In return, birds will continue their invaluable contributions to our lives as controllers of insect pests and as pollinators of crops, as well as generating tremendous economic revenues and enjoyment through the pastimes of bird feeding and bird watching.

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