Happy Earth Day

The Earth Day Network has an Earth Day theme this year that is themed after A Billion Acts of Green: their people-powered campaign to generate a billion acts of environmental service and advocacy before Rio +20.

One million acts a year are taken by Earth Day Network planting over 1 million trees in 16 countries under the Avatar Home Tree Initiative. Locations where reforestation is most urgently needed include Haiti, Brazil, Mexico and urban areas of the US.

EarthThe Network is also bringing the voices of accomplished people to the Earth Day movement. Olympic and professional athletes are being called to the environmental movement in a campaign titled Athletes for the Earth™ which has a proven track record of connecting popular athletic activities with environmental stewardship.

The Network is also engaging women business, government and NGO leaders in its “Women and the Green Economy” (WAGE™) campaign. Their goal is to create a policy agenda for Rio+20 and to create national initiatives to promote the green economy.

200 entrepreneurs are also being convened to help solve climate change and create a new green economy.

The Network is also at the forefront of the national green schools movement.

You can purchase the winning t-shirt from the environmental artistic Acts of Green contest, starting today. You can also download hundreds of free Earth Day themed songs from the Earth Day Network’s website.

Let’s all dedicate ourselves to helping save our planet in the next year by doing green acts and investments.

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