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The Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation (HCTF), a non profit charitable organization, recently announced that they are investing over $6 million dollars in conservation funding projects for fish and wildlife throughout British Columbia, Canada.

Caribou Denali The details were announced at the recent BC Wildlife Federation Convention in Surrey, BC.  The largest beneficiary was the BC Wetland Partnership Program, which received $250,000   Wetlands are biological diverse and productive ecosystems, but are constantly threatened by urban development, industrial expansion and climate change.  The money will go towards the maintenance and management of wetland habitats for fish and wildlife throughout BC.   This conservation funding was closely followed by $238,000 for Wild BC to manage programs and resources in environmental education.

Other initiatives include money for protecting and studying endangered species, such as bats and Boreal caribou.  Bat populations all over North America are being decimated by “white-nose disease”, a fungal ailment, while Boreal caribou are being severely challenged by habitat fragmentation.  As the HCTF is largely funded by fees from anglers, hunters and trappers, there are also programs planned for the monitoring and development of improved management systems for salmon and trout species, and habitat restoration and conservation of game species all across the province.

In total, over 150 projects will be supported by this funding.

The HCTF  was founded in 2007 and acts as Trustee of the Habitat Conservation Trust, which was created in 2007 as an amendment to the BC Wildlife Act.  The HCTF succeeded the Habitat Conservation Fund which ran from 1981 to 2007.  Since 1981, the HCTF/HCF has invested over $120 million in conservation projects throughout British Columbia.

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