Bird Seed Found To Be Safe

One of the sweetest sounds of spring is that of birds chirping and singing in the trees. For avid birdwatchers, enticing birds into their yard with a little bird seed is a common practice. The American Bird Conservancy (ABC) wanted to know if bird lovers were hurting the creatures they so loved with this practice.

“The potential for birds to be unwittingly poisoned by the very people who feed them was something we felt it important to know, so we could either raise the alarm bell or put people’s mind at rest,” explained Dr. Moira McKernan, Director of ABC’s Pesticides and Birds Program in a press release.

Birds Eating Bird Seed from FeederABC released the results of their study, the first of its kind, on April 14. They were pleased to discover that all of the bird seed tested was either pesticide-free, or the pesticide “fell below levels that would threaten bird health.”

This means that bird-watchers everywhere can fill their feeders without concern. And for the future, ABC said that it hopes to find the funding to do periodic analysis of bird seed products so that people can continue to feed birds without worry.

According to studies, one in five Americans engages in birdwatching, spending a total of some $36 billion dollars annually on bird seed and suet, equipment, and travel expenses. About 20 million birders each year travel away from home to see birds, making the activity an excellent source of tourism dollars.

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