Reducing Our Oil Addiction

In recent months, whether due to unrest in oil-producing countries, new revelations in the climate change sphere, or the itchy fingers of nervous traders, North Americans and other Western nations are reminded of their dependency upon oil. Many people want to reduce their reliance on such an unsustainable resource.

gas pumpFor a lot of individuals, the car is a prime target. We feel the hit every time we fill up a tank and observe how $50 buys less and less gas as time passes. But does leaving your car at home reduce your dependency on oil? Think again. Dustin McGahan at PacificaPatch reminds us that many of the every day products we use are dependent upon oil during either manufacturing or distribution. Everything from plastics to the transport of fresh produce requires oil. It is a sobering thought, but also opens up some degree of optimism. If oil is used in so many areas, then surely each of us can find some aspect of our lives where we can take the opportunity to conserve fuel usage and reduce our oil dependency.

With the recent recession impacting our pocketbooks, McGahan offers some suggestions that he believes will help our dependency and our bottom line. He writes about common sense solutions that tread sustainability, conservation and environmentalism. For example, at home he suggests eating fewer processed foods and trying to grow your own foods. As you clear out your garden for Spring, compost as much as you can to keep organic materials from being transported to the landfill.

At work, he advocates reducing paper by utilizing electronic options for mail, bill paying and note taking. McGahan even tackles the ever present car issue with ideas ranging from carpooling to maximizing efficiency.

Check out the original article for a full summary of the helpful hints and suggestions. There is something there for everyone.

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