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Cooperation is key when it comes to conservation. That is why the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game has teamed up with the US Fish & Wildlife Service to protect the landscapes that are home to hundreds of species and habitats, reports The Arctic Sounder.  Their plan is made possible by a recently approved grant worth over $1 million that will fund participation in Landscape Conservation Cooperatives.

grizzly bearThe US Fish and Wildlife service funds these amazing LCC’s, which are symbiotic scientific partnerships that allow protection projects to hit the ground running. The Alaskan study will investigate the effects of climate change on the diverse species of fish and wildlife in the region. We cannot wait to see the results!

Under the new grant, the Alaskan Department of Fish and Game will hire a program coordinator, ecologist and a GIS specialist. As far as their work goes, priority will be placed on projects that benefit endangered species and other species of concern. Overall, they’re hoping to increase understanding and address the biological responses of natural systems to climate change.

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