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People in the UK have a deep passion for nature and the natural environment – not just wildlife – and they want to see it protected, says Paul Wilkinson, head of conservation at The Wildlife Trusts charity, reports The Telegraph.

fish ladderUK councils and government agencies have reportedly spent almost £8.5 million on at least 270 animal friendly safety features in the past two years. They include tunnels to guide otters, badgers, newts and water voles beneath roads; a bridge that dormice can cross to get over a highway; and roadside barriers to ensure that birds such as owls fly high enough off the ground to avoid being hit by trucks. The projects also include fish ladders and otter shelves.

Apparently the UK has laws that require developers to submit wildlife protection plans before construction proposals are approved. Some critics suggest the money could be used elsewhere, but the money is just a small part of the annual development costs and the new safety features will help endangered animals live and breed.

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