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Five San Francisco Bay area conservation groups have started an alliance and are working together to protect more than 80,000 acres of land, reports SF Appeal.  The Strategy for Living Landscape has received a $15 million grant to create and maintain a sustainable living landscape in the heart of coastal California, the new alliance reports on their website.

The vision of the Initiative is to create a sustainable living landscape for local communities. Such a landscape would provide ongoing natural benefits to residents such as clean air and clean water, dramatic beauty, broad biodiversity, productive agricultural and working lands, and recreational opportunities.

Sequoias30,000 of the acres to be protected are redwood heartland, with the majestic redwood trees. The same amount of land in a wildlife corridor called the Pajaro Corridor is also to be saved. Some of the corridor is farmland, and I assume that the group will be working with the farmers to preserve wetlands, etc., important to wildlife. 10,000 acres of coastal land will also be preserved, along with the same amount of land being used to secure linkages that create extended wildlife corridors, clean sources of water and productive agricultural and working lands.

The five groups are the Land Trust of Santa Cruz County, The Nature Conservancy, Peninsula Open Space Trust (POST), Save the Redwoods League and Sempervirens Fund.

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