Voters Favor Environment

A new survey has found that a majority of voters in the Rocky Mountain region regard clean water, air and land that sustains wildlife as very important, despite a poor economy, reports the Denver Post

MN0147SchawabackersLandingTwo thirds of surveyed voters in Colorado, Montana, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming stated that these natural resources are fragile and must be cared for and protected. Two thirds (perhaps the same people) of voters believe current laws protecting air, land and water should be strengthened or better enforced.

Overall, the survey indicates most voters consider environmental protection and a strong economy to be compatible goals. The survey reports that a majority of the people voted for clean energy over coal, and suggested they wouldn’t mind spending $10 more a month to get clean energy. Further, the New America Media reports that over two-thirds of voters said they believe renewable energy will create, not cost jobs.

This is good news that the government should use to guide its decisions and actions.

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