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Fun Conservation Ideas

The Pennsylvania Resources Council, Inc.,  has an online list of fun conservation ideas that you can do with your friends or family.

Bird watchingFrom birdwatching and identifying as many species of birds as possible in your local park to conducting an animal photography contest, many of the activities get you outside enjoying our world. Finding out if any of your local parks have nature trails reminds us that Spring really is coming.

For colder days, think about working with your local librarian to organize a free wildlife slide show event. Or study the voting records of local politicians so you find out who is a friend of the environment.

One of the most original ideas is to create a mini landfill, and see what products are partly biodegraded 3 months later. Check it out!

There are lots more ideas available on the Pennsylvania Resources Council, Inc. website, so follow the link I’ve provided above and have fun!

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