The Future of Voting

The future of voting, as with so much else, may be online. To try to overcome low voter turnout, King Conservation District is holding an online election to vote in a new supervisor, according to the Seattle Times. The District helps landowners in King County with conservation efforts such as water quality protection and farm management plans.

One million people are eligible to vote in the King Conservation District election. Aside from saving realms of paper, which makes this voting process greener, allowing people to vote from home may be the way to increase voter turnout. Also, online voting will help the District save about $1 million in the election.

online votingInternet voting is not brand new. It has been used in primaries, labor union and corporate elections, and pilot projects to make voting easier for armed-forces members and other Americans overseas, advises the Seattle Times.

However, the online voting has some opponents. Some people fear online manipulation, which might impact our democratic process. Security measures such as identity checks can be added to try to ensure the person voting is really that person and has not already voted. But without the paper votes, what way is there to check results, some ask.

Nonetheless, the march of technology is ongoing, and if online voting can be proven to increase historically dismal voter turnout, it will strengthen the case for having it. Any comments?

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