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Recycle Rex

Meet Recycle Rex, the California Energy Commission’s  spokesdinosaur, and your companion in the 26 page booklet of fun available on their website.

Starting with a crossword puzzle about the reasons to recycle, the booklet offers a variety of fun educational games. Following the crossword is a coloring page with a character copyrighted to Disney (it is California, after all!).

recycling binA large recycling word search puzzle has 22 columns and 23 rows. A creative word search in a bottle is a few pages later, with a list of words that are things that can be reused. The tree one is also good.

The remaining games include a maze and a hidden symbol. Among the information presented on other pages is a feature about recycling aluminum cans. Did you know that one recycled aluminum can saves enough energy to run a TV for 3 hours?

Have fun with the booklet. And remember, print individual pages on recycled paper, and recycle them when you’re finished with them!

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