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10 Most Threatened Forests

National Geographic has published an online display of photos and information about the Ten Most Threatened Forest Hot Spots.

Giant Redwood TreesAlong with the usual spots such as Madagascar, the list includes the California Floristic Province, where the Mediterranean-like climate provides a home to the last individuals of the rare California condor, as well as the giant sequoia, the planet’s largest tree. VanDusen Botanical Garden in Vancouver has some young giant sequoia, and they’re majestic trees.

Forests cover only 30 percent of the planet’s area but are home to 80 percent of the world’s land animals and plants, reports Conservation International. The group writes that forests are being destroyed at an alarming rate to give room to pastures, agricultural land, mineral exploitation, and sprawling urban areas, but by doing so we are destroying our own capacity to survive.

The display’s pictures are worthy of National Geographic’s reputation. Overall, it’s a beautiful but sad collection.

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