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Peace Corps Game

If you’ve ever wanted to join the Peace Corps, you could get an introduction to the work they do through the game on their website. Called the Peace Corps Challenge, it introduces you to the village of Wanzuzu where “the villagers have big hearts – and even bigger problems”.

African villageThe goal of the game is to solve critical challenges and make the village a safe home for the people living there. Similar to what the actual Peace Corps members achieve in their work.

The first challenge is to make contaminated water safe to drink. Once you’ve solved that puzzle, scroll using your mouse onto other parts of the village and you will have the opportunity to go fishing or do another activity.

One word of warning – the fishing game is harder than it looks. Things tend to move in water in a way that they don’t on land! But it’s fun once you get the hang of it.

Enjoy the games!

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