Eating Invasive Asian Carp

“If you can’t beat ‘em, eat ‘em” is a new slogan in the war against invasive species such as Asian Carp, reports WREX 13  in Rockford Illinois.

Asian CarpAside from using Asian carp and its byproducts in fish oil and pet food, the fish will star in an invasive species menu. MPR News reports that a Wisconsin chef will be offering an invasive specialties menu in February.

However, biologists and invasive species experts are warning that developing a taste for Asian Carp may end up being a bad thing if people then raise the fish in farms. The fear, as it is with so many fish farms, is that some Asian Carp could escape and create the same destructive situation as currently exists.

Also, while eating them might slow down the Asian Carp’s advancing force, it might not eradicate them as it did when people developed a taste for passenger pigeons.

However, I’d suggest that eating them is better than simply watching them move in and take over the Great Lakes.

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