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Fairfax Water has some fun water conservation information available on their website. They remind us that our bodies are 70% water, and our lungs are 90% water. Thus, people can live only a few days without water. And without water, our planet would look like the moon, Fairfax Water suggests.

For conservation reasons, they recommend a 5 minute shower. For drinking, keep a pitcher of water in your fridge – it makes it easy to get cool water without running the tap. A friend of mine has a filter pitcher which removes the impurities from the tap water, then keeps the clean water cool in the fridge.

Leaking HoseIf you want to play a game, has a free online game that is possibly the most creative game out there. Called the Mission H20 Game, the fun begins with an introduction of the main characters in a great short film. Then you access a house and garden and do various activities, such as plugging holes in a garden hose or answering questions about water use.

It’s a fun game and if you happen to be an Australian resident, you may also be interested in learning that the water conservation game has a contest that lets you enter a draw for one of five iPod Shuffles. Even if you’re elsewhere in the world and thus not eligible to enter the contest, it’s still a fun game.

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