United With Kinship

“We have an empirically verifiable story that actually unites us in common cause,” Canadian Memorial United Church’s Reverend Bruce Sanguin told me recently. Our wisdom unites us and coalesces all the great religions that have ever been. The bottom line is that we are all kin with one another and our planet. To fully realize this means undergoing a deeper sense of identity which then deepens our sense of Earth and all its inhabitants.

EarthBruce came to this full realization when he was on a silent retreat, after reading The Universe is a Green Dragon, by Brian Swimme, Ph.D.,  that made him realize his fundamental unity with the universe. Bruce now knows that he lives inside a miracle and that after 5 billion years of evolution he was “the presence of the universe reflecting on itself in that moment of the experience”. That is, he’s not so much “out there” looking at the Earth, he’s fully a part of Earth and the Universe. As are we all. A biological and spiritual story unites us.

This unity is evolving towards increased compassion and diversity. The goal is not to escape the suffering of reality – our goal should be to inhabit it all more fully, Bruce pointed out. We become the presence of an ancient impulse that means we are born to realize our kinship with all that is, he continued.

Our lives have a deeper purpose of being in service. Jesus gave his life to preaching and enacting the kingdom of God. Kinship was a cornerstone. “It’s a realm of conscious unity with the divine, with Earth, and with all creation,” Bruce explained.

It gives us the power and capacity to be of service. One of our deepest desires is to be in service. We want to bring forth a better world.

Good for all of you who care about our planet and serve it in some way. Thank You.

If you want to read more, check out Bruce Sanguin’s book If Darwin Prayed, and his blog

Have a very happy and safe holiday season and if you celebrate it, Merry Christmas!

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