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Have you ever wondered what kind of animal you are like? The BBC has an online personality quiz that tells you. The link is – my wordpress page is not right today or I would have embedded the link!

Their 7 online free games are quite sophisticated and fun. After finding out I’m like a fox because I enjoy buffets and can eat almost anything, I went on the RWS Expedition. It’s a fun combination of a maze game and wildlife information.

The Arctic Ice Game is a charming little time waster as you try to get the little Arctic person across the ice flow while avoiding the moving hazards. Skid’s another delight, as you try to guide the squirrel through the logs while avoiding the forest’s hazards.

It’s a Green Life lets you honestly assess how environmentally friendly your lifestyle is when it comes to how you live at home and what food you buy. Just be sure to remember you’re in the UK in the game – if driving on the right side of your car doesn’t remind you, being told to buy UK apples probably will.

Matching baby animals to their adult versions, and building your own beast, round out the games.

If you’d like to add animal screensavers or wallpaper to your computer, check out the BBC’s collection.

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