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Artists for Gorilla Conservation

A well known 90 year old painting is being used to guide an expedition to find and paint mountain gorillas in Africa. Stephen C. Quinn, an award-winning artist who works at the American Museum of Natural History, will be retracing Carl Akeley’s footsteps into the wilds of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The expedition wants to find the exact location that inspired Akeley’s famous diorama of the mountain gorilla, and then paint what the site looks like today. The expedition is being sponsored in part by Vancouver-based Artists for Conservation and the American Museum of Natural History 50 where the original painting is on display.

GorillaAkeley’s efforts were key in conserving the mountain gorilla’s area as Africa’s first national park nearly a century ago. Today there are only around 740 mountain gorillas left, and Artists for Conservation are joining the campaign to save them.

This artistic project is one of Artists for Conservation’s annual flag expeditions, which aim to combine modern day science with art to raise awareness for critical conservation work. As the group suggests, they believe in art in action.

If you’d like to follow along with the flag expeditions, Artists for Conservation have ongoing updates on their website.

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