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Spotting animals in the wild is not always easy due to camouflage and other hiding techniques. The San Diego Zoo shows this wonderfully well in their online game Where’s the Animal? Landscapes that don’t seem to have any living creatures are displayed, and you move your computer cursor around them till you find the red circle. Clicking on the red circle reveals the animal that has been hiding in plain view all the time. It’s a fun game that can be surprisingly challenging! Finding animals in real wilderness can be a challenge for even a good conservation manager.

African bridgeThe Jungle Bridge game  is also fun. You get to play at being a wildlife conservation manager who needs to move endangered animals into a wildlife reserve. Be careful about what you choose to load into your truck, because you don’t want to make the truck heavier than what the bridge can hold.

If you like trivia, there’s a Wildlife and Water game that tests your knowledge about how much water San Diego Zoo animals use.

If you want to play more games, the San Diego Zoo has a great collection of them on their website.

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