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Touring the Rainforest

Rainforest Alliance has what is probably one of the most creative ways of introducing conservation information out there.

rainforest treehouseThe Alliance invites you to visit their conservation TreeHouse and explore the wonders of the rainforest. Clicking on their invitation takes you right into the treehouse, from where you can meet kids who live in the rainforest or learn about how some of our most popular foods (coffee, chocolate, bananas) reach us.

You can view any of four slideshows about the community of children whose backyard is Guatemala’s Maya Biosphere Reserve, the largest stretch of rainforest north of the Amazon.

You can also play a track back game, and see the trail that coffee, chocolate and bananas take to get to us. I didn’t previously know that a coffee bush could grow to be 30 feet high, or that cocoa beans are harvested twice a year and were so highly valued they were used as money until the 1800’s.

banana treeThe Rainforest Alliance also has some fascinating Forest Facts. You may already know that the rainforests help govern our world’s rain and water systems, and are one of our world’s primary carbon reservoirs. However, do you know how many of our everyday foods grow in the rainforest? Think of this the next time you eat peppers, bananas, beans, vanilla, cocoa, sugar, or spices, or drink coffee, tea or cola.

Kudos to the Rainforest Alliance for presenting important information in such an informative and entertaining way.

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