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Canada Goose 2Noah (Networked Organisms and Habitats) combines nature, technology and photography with the opportunity to become a Citizen Scientist.

Upon arriving at Noah’s website, you will see a satellite imagery map with green circled numbers on it. Choose an area of our world and click on the green circle, and you will be virtually taken to the area to see what nature (such as animals) have been spotted and photographed in that area. I can imagine using this every time that someone I know travels.

You can enjoy Noah either without logging in or by becoming active and joining it through a Google or other account. This takes you to a page where you see the top spotters listed – with today’s leader having 885 spottings. That’s a lot!

Amazon FrogYou can participate in missions, and help discover and document local wildlife. Noah works with researchers and organizations to help gather important data, and missions can range from photographing specific frogs or flowers to tracking migrating birds or invasive species. Or they can be just for fun.

Today’s missions include helping to document the Gulf oil spill impact, squirrels, garden vegetables, urban biodiversity, and others. As Noah writes, this is a good way to become a Citizen Scientist.

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