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Having achieved a few things such as 13 scientific research expeditions to Antarctica since 1981 to study the ozone layer and related phenomena, India has shown the potential for scientific achievements. So it’s very good news when the Prime Minister of India says that scientific innovation should be harnessed to the needs of conservation in the future.

The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, has called for the new generation of Indian scientists to adopt the responsibility of thinking about the future of science, reports the Sify News. The call came during the presentation of the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize 2010 to nine scientists, including three women for the first time. However, while prizes were awarded for fields including medical, chemical and engineering sciences, no prize was awarded for the area of Earth, Atmosphere, Ocean and Planetary Sciences, according to The Times of India.

tiger in waterMeanwhile, contemporary Indian artists are gathering to help tigers. Prokerala News reveals that 57 well known artists are uniting with 50 corporate houses and 52 public spaces to launch a public art initiative. In early December, 57 life-sized fibre glass tigers will appear at locations across India’s capital Delhi. The project wants to spur dialogue about tiger conservation.

With tiger and other conservation programs taking a leading role, it would be great if India puts some more of its resources towards saving what’s left of their wildlife and wild spaces. So hearing the Prime Minister call for more conservation is a very positive sign.

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