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If you feel like visiting a zoo this weekend but there’s not one near you, it might be time to book a trip. Meanwhile, check out the website of the National Zoo in Washington, DC. As with a real visit, you might want to start with the map that shows you the zoo’s layout and where your favorite animals are.

cc National Zoo
cc National Zoo

When you click on an animal on the map, a new web page opens with information about the animal(s) in that section of the zoo. Most have a webcam available – Good Luck at seeing some animals! Even if the animal’s not within view, each page has a lot of information such as links to a more detailed map of the area and photos of the animals.

The Great Cats page shows photos and has information about the lion cubs born August 31 and September 2. A transcript of a live chat with the lions’ keepers  is available along with a video of Shera’s cubs at two weeks old. They’re so cute!
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