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In an essay in Conservation Biology, two University of Kent’s Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology have put forward a business management framework to help NGO’s manage their programs.

NGO workingUsing a management framework similar to that used by many successful businesses, Dr. Simon Black and Dr. Jim Groombridge have put forth this Conservation Excellence Model. Its purpose is to facilitate better clarity in goal setting; effective identification of job roles within programs; better links between technical approaches and measures of biological success; and more-effective use of resources, reports the University of Kent. As Wiley’s Online Library states, many conservation projects take years to conduct the research and achieve their goals. Applying excellent business management will help them achieve short term goals within the framework of long term work.

Dr. Black has mentioned that “The conservation sector is traditionally overstretched and remains relatively underdeveloped in terms of management thinking”. He understands the benefits in managing a program in a way that enables everyone involved to make a difference.

Kudos to Dr. Black and Dr. Groombridge for developing a model that will enable managers to think about which results should be analysed and on which work activities they should focus their efforts in order to achieve the best long-term outcomes.

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