Costa Rican Conservation

Good news came recently from Costa Rica with the announcement that the nation is set to become the first of the developing countries to meet United Nations goals in environmental protection laid out in the U.N. Convention on Biodiversity! To help further develop Costa Rica’s rainforest and marine conservation programs, the country has been promised a donation totaling almost $56 million.

Rainforest 2The nation will put the donation towards the expansion of protected rainforests, according to The Miami Herald. The funds will help increase these protected areas to 26 percent of the national territory from its current 25 percent.

However, Costa Rica also has territorial waters that are in great need of protection, and less than 0.1 percent of the nation’s marine areas are under protection. These marine areas are in grave need of conservation.

To fund the promise, the U.S. has agreed to buy $27 million of Costa Rica’s foreign debt, with private organizations funding the remaining $19.9 million, reports The Miami Herald.

The specific sites set to benefit from this money are collectively known as “Costa Rica Forever”.

While Costa Rica must be celebrated for its successful conservation programs and initiatives over the years, praise is also in order for the private organizations that have contributed. And the U.S. must be recognized for its leadership in debt-for-nature swap agreements.

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