Questions for Political Candidates

In a recent Q & A period with Colorado’s three gubernatorial (political) candidates, several environmental, conservation and wildlife groups raised important questions in regards to conservation, energy and the economy, reports The Colorado Independent.

conservation politicsWhile the responses to these questions are of particular interest to people living in Colorado, the questions have worldwide significance. These questions serve as reminders of what we all should be asking our own politicians and what we should consider as we examine what each candidate represents.

Consequently, these nine questions carry immense weight as a reminder that in order to help our environment, we must take it to a government level. In educating ourselves about the electoral candidates and asking them to prove that they will take action to help conserve our environment, we can do our best to ensure that the most environmentally conscious candidates win and keep their promises.

The nine questions are listed, with the Colorado candidates’ responses, in a special report. They include questions about transportation, tourism & recreation, and renewable energy. Land conservation and environmental safeguards to protect air and water quality, fish, wildlife and public health are accounted for. Water and natural resources are considered. The final question asks simply, “How would you define success for your administration at the end of four years?’.

Look over these questions and be ready to apply them to your community.

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