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Starting with the video of a bobcat playing with a toy on its homepage, Critter Care Wildlife Society’s website has some fun educational sections.

BobcatIn the Animals section are stories of some of the wildlife that have been in Critter Care’s comfort zone. The Society has cared for bobcats, black bears, opossums, and raccoons, and each has a story of their own as to what brought them into Critter Care. You will also note that all the animals have names – the result of the close relationship that Critter Care’s staff maintains with the animals that they work with.

The Animal Facts section has interesting tips about animals, such as that beavers are social – they groom each other, touch noses and playfully wrestle. Also, although skunks rarely spray, they have the ability to do so five or six times but then it takes up to a day to summon up more firepower, writes Critter Care.

The Society’s 2010 Wildlife Gallery is photographs of some of the animals they have cared for this year. At the bottom of the 2009 Wildlife Gallery’s webpage is a link to the Society’s YouTube videos, which includes footage of a baby otter feeding, among others.

The Enrichment Section shares how rehab is a holistic process and the animal’s mental health as well as physical condition is cared for.

A great website for a caring Society that helps animals when they need it.   Well done!

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