Protracted Food Crises

The UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO)  has just released a report stating that roughly 20% of the world’s 925 million undernourished people face protracted food crises due to a combination of natural disasters, conflict and weak governance.

That’s over 166 million undernourished people who live in countries experiencing protracted crises, almost triple the number in other developing countries.

The State of Food Insecurity in the World 2010 hunger report suggests that chronic hunger and food insecurity are two of the most common characteristics of a protracted crisis.

food farm AfricaProtracted crises, which go on for years, need long term solutions. Improving agricultural methods to increase the amount of available food is a cornerstone of what’s needed. Currently agriculture receives just 3 to 4 percent of development and humanitarian assistance funds even though it provides the main source of food and income for almost two thirds of the countries’ people.

Also providing social protection and livelihood support is important. School meals, cash and food-for-work activities and vouchers can make a vital difference in the long term, the report suggests.

The Committee on World Food Security will be meeting in Rome from October 11-16 to discuss this report and potential solutions.

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