Disclosing Toxins

Toxins in our everyday household cleaners are making the news increasingly these days.  The David Suzuki Foundation has played a leading role in campaigning against harmful chemicals in personal care products in Canada.  Meanwhile, the New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) has agreed to bring all the parties that were in court last year together in October to discuss disclosure.

CleaningNew York environmental and health organizations went to court a year ago to try to force the makers of hundreds of well-known household cleaners to reveal if there are any, and if so what, dangerous chemicals in their products.  But the case got dismissed in July.  So this turn around by the DEC is one to be celebrated.

If trade groups are correct in asserting that the products are safe, then companies will have nothing to worry about if they have to make their chemical makeup public.  And if any companies put toxins into their products, making it public will pressure them to replace the toxins with healthier ingredients.  And that will benefit everyone, including themselves.

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