1.9 Million Gallons of Water

Four Paradise Valley, Arizona, families managed to save a total of over 1.9 million gallons of water in just one year, reports MarketWatch.  Even as I cheer them on, I am also shocked at just how much water 4 Arizona families could have blown through in 1 year if they didn’t care.  Maybe that’s what happens when you turn the desert into gardens?

50% of those savings happened because they placed desert plants on different watering cycles and continuously detected leaks.  At least one family also installed artificial grass in a part of their backyard.

desert gardenMeanwhile, to encourage other people to conserve water, the Scotts Valley Water District is building a water-smart garden for public display starting in November.  Silicon Valley Mercury advises that the district is calling for landscaping proposals to overhaul around 1,600 sq. feet of land around the District’s building.  The water-smart garden will include native and drought-tolerant plants as well as rain harvesting and rain gardens features.

The Scotts Valley Water District is also planning to seal leaks in their 62-mile water distribution system that are responsible for wasting around 231,000 gallons of water per year.

Kudos to the four families and the Scotts Valley Water District.  But the quantities make me wonder what is everyone else doing?

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