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Wildlife Photography is popular, and has become more accessible to everyone with the advent of digital cameras, suggests Good Health.  Wildlife and photography have both become more popular over the last decade or so, I would add.  Just the fact that blogs like Good Health are writing about it suggests that wildlife photography is popular!

cardinal birdGood Health suggests that good camera equipment helps people take well exposed photographs of animals.  Careful planning and good field skills help. Being able to cover enough distance to find the animals you’re looking for, and being patient while waiting for the right moment, both help.  An optimistic attitude that supports you while you wait for the right photograph is also useful.

For both people who do and don’t make wildlife photographs, if you enjoy looking at pictures of animals there’s millions of them online.  Two websites that I found this week are the following.

Nick Brandt is known for his black & white photographs that look like they could be paintings.  The music video director realized his love for East Africa when he was directing in Tanzania.  His photos are taken close to the animals, and he will track his subjects for days to get the perfect photograph. 

A sometimes amusing collection of color wildlife photographs is available through RGBPicture.  They’re worth a look.

Have a happy and safe long weekend!

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