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The Ontario Summer Fun Guide has a Farms, Zoos & Animals in the Greater Toronto Area & Surrounding region website section dedicated to people who want to view animals.  Of course the Toronto Zoo  is on the list with its over 5,000 animals on view and its conservation activities.  On the Toronto Zoo’s website is a variety of videos and games

cc Toronto Zoo
cc Toronto Zoo

The Conservation Carousel Video shows the construction of the Carousel in fast motion.  All the wildlife on the Conservation Carousel are endangered.  Thus, the ride is informative as well as entertaining – kind of like this Friday File!

Along with a brief introduction to an elephant, giraffe, Cuvier’s Smooth Fronted Caiman, Amur Tiger, and other wildlife, the Carousel video has an excellent pace and lots of fun information, and stars YouTube sensation Steve Dangle.

The Polar Bear Stunt video prompts your imagination to graphically watch what happens to a polar bear when the ice melts.  Global warming is at the heart of the stunt involving 22 blocks of ice, 11 feet high, and a polar bear.

The wildlife video collection also includes a few animal baby videos, including Ngozi’s First Baby, Baby Zebra 2008, and Orangutan.  The Orangutan video shows the animals using tools to get food.

The Toronto Zoo website also has a Games section filled with fun quizzes, memory games, and puzzles, as well as the downloadable Turtle Survival Challenge Video Game.

Enjoy having fun while you learn about wild animals and conservation!

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