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You would hope that our world’s largest museum and zoo has a wonderful collection of online resources, and the Smithsonian delivers.  They have one of the most extensive selections of live animal web cams, e-cards, wallpaper, and other online resources of any organization.

cc: Jessie Cohen, NZP photographer, Smithsonian
cc: Jessie Cohen, NZP photographer, Smithsonian

The National Zoological Park in Washington DC is part of the Smithsonian complex, and up to 2 million visitors view some of the 2,000 animals and 400 different species each year.  For times when we’re not on site of some amazing selection of live animals, the Smithsonian offers a virtual visit through an online photo gallery of many of their animals.

Enjoy seeing great photographs of animals, from a Komodo Dragon hatchling (in Reptiles & Amphibians) to a Maned Wolf (Amazonia) to a Black Necked Swan mother & baby (cygnet – Birds).

If you’d like to see animals in action, the Zoo offers well over a dozen webcams so there’s usually at least a couple of animals in view online at any time.

Enjoy, and stay cool this weekend!

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