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Greening the Energy Grids

A recent report demonstrates how a revised global energy “revolution” could create 3.2 million jobs, with 8.5 million in the renewable energy sector alone.  All while reducing energy related CO2 emissions globally by over 80% by 2050.

Wind TurbinesThe June 2010 “Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook” report provides a detailed and practical blueprint for reducing carbon emissions while achieving economic growth by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and energy efficiency.  This phase-out of fossil fuels offers substantial benefits such as energy security and independence from world market fuel prices, as well as the creation of millions of new green jobs, reports Repower Alberta

A sustainable future for our planet involves investing in people and local communities who can establish and maintain renewable energy sources.   The vision includes decentralised energy systems, smart interactive grids, and super grids for offshore wind and solar power transportation.  Renewable micro grids for people living in remote areas could reach almost 2 billion people who today lack electricity, Greenpeace reports.  Highlights of the report are available on Greenpeace’s website.

carbon power stationThe report offers three scenarios.  The most advanced one allows carbon emissions to increase and peak in 2015, after which they would drop by more than 80% by 2050 when the energy supply would be generated mostly by renewable energies.  Under this scenario, 95% of electricity could be produced by renewable energy by 2050, reports Repower Alberta. 

Meanwhile, Sierra Club Prairie and Greenpeace have been travelling around Alberta as part of RePower Alberta, a campaign aimed at persuading the Alberta government to develop a Green Energy Strategy.  The two NGO’s are organizing and presenting a series of Green Energy and Green Jobs events to educate people about Alberta’s potential for a green economy.  Alberta is the only Canadian jurisdiction currently building a new coal-fired power plant, and the government recently allocated $2 billion for Carbon Capture and Storage.  Increased greening is needed!

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