Mississippi River Delta

During his recent visit to the Mississippi River Delta region, U.S. Navy Secretary Ray Mabus made the informed decision to agree with the America’s Wetlands Foundation and other conservation groups about what needs to be done after the BP oil spill is cleaned up.  The oil spill has drawn attention to an area that officials and environmental groups are now able to recognize as having been in crisis all along, due to levees stopping the buildup of the delta by channeling the Mississippi River waters, suggests the Shreveport Times.

Mississippi River deltaA letter was then published in New Orleans and Washington, D.C. newspapers in which various environmental organizations pointed out that Congress has already authorized plans to divert fresh water from the Mississippi River into the nearby marshes.  However, there has been a lack of federal funding, and Mabus is asked to call for immediate funding and implementation of those plans.

The letter lists detailed steps that must be taken, ending with (perhaps most importantly) the creation of a federal-state authority that has the power, will and resources to complete the restoration in time to prevent land loss rates.  For the steps, see the Shreveport Times article!

While the oil spill has been detrimental to Oceanic creatures as well as people who make their homes along the coast, the extra focus on these areas has allowed officials to see that the Gulf has been in danger for quite some time.  Now, thanks to the collaboration of Mabus and environmental groups, the resources will hopefully be assembled to take action and protect the damaged areas and their endangered species.

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