Moving Turtles to Safety

TurtleAmong the videos on National Geographic’s website is a Gulf Turtle Eggs Relocated video about volunteers moving loggerhead turtle eggs to a new, safe location.  I’m so glad that biologists have agreed to move the turtles rather than let them hatch and swim into the oil spill. 

As well, the video shows 22 Kemp’s Ridley turtle babies that were released into a safe part of the Atlantic shore.   As I wrote in this blog’s May 5th article Conserving Turtles, Kemp’s Ridley turtles are the world’s most endangered turtles/tortoises, and live only in the Gulf of Mexico.

Altogether, over 700 turtle nests are to be relocated.  The turtle rescue group is represented on the video by volunteers and a couple of spokespeople from the US Fish & Wildlife Service and the Institute for Marine Mammal Studies.  The video is an interesting inside look at a conservation operation, thanks to National Geographic and Videographer and Field Producer Fritz Faerber.

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