Agriculture and Biodiversity

It’s hard to ignore over 1 billion people.  So although I like natural foods, I realize the importance of ethical agricultural research in helping to feed the over 1 billion people in our world who are hungry.

farm researchInternational agricultural research is designed to benefit the farmers, environment, and economies of developing countries, suggests the Crawford Fund.  It’s an effective way to help people living in less developed countries, the majority of whom are living in rural areas and are dependent on the land for employment and their food security.

The Crawford Fund is an Australian NGO focused on raising awareness of the benefits of international agricultural research to developing countries.  The Fund’s annual conference is billed as one of the very few international events that focuses on food security related to biodiversity, and sees value in both feeding and greening our world.  The impact of climate change on both conservation and biodiversity will be addressed in the Fund’s 2010 event “Biodiversity and World Food Security: Nourishing the Planet and its People”, to be held in Canberra, August 30 to September 1. 

Gardening.The Crawford Fund conference’s definition of biodiversity includes “the plants that feed, clothe, house, and heal people; crops, aquatic and livestock species that feed us; insects that pollinate fields; the forests that are the lungs of the planet; and microorganisms that regenerate the soils that grow our food”.  The concept includes finding solutions to climate change, species invasions, ignorance and neglect.

Conference speakers include the 14th Director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew (Professor Steve Hopper), and the Director of the National Museum of Natural History of the Smithsonian Institution (Dr. Cristian Samper).

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