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With children spending more time around home in the summer, it can become a challenge to keep them entertained.  Since so many kids like computers, how about helping them to learn about our planet and its wildlife while they have fun?

Caribou 2The most complete online kid friendly information that I’ve found recently belongs to Earth Day Canada.  Their EcoKids website has a few online games, and I learned that it’s harder than it looks to catch fish in the wildlife Fishing Frenzy game!  Kids (or adults!) can create your own comic strip in Animal Antics, starring Xalibu the Pawer.

The games and info come in 8 different categories, including Wildlife, Climate Change, Water, First Nations, and others.

If getting your environmentally friendly kids to clean their room is a battle, check out the Waste section “I Don’t Want To Clean My Room” that includes a cartoon about recycling what kids find in their room.  The final page is a simple game.

Olympic National ParkIn the Have Your Say section, EcoKids ask children “How are you going to enjoy nature this summer?”  The answers include getting outside and enjoying the sunshine, and I agree.  It’s healthy for kids to get outside, and they learn so much about our world when they explore your garden or nearby park.

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